Congress President Bharat Katyayan

About Bharat Katyayan

Bharat katyayan born on 4th September 1993 in the Family of India’s Famous astrologer ACHARYA INDU PRAKASH and Female entrepreneur and social worker Dr. SMITA MISRA In the capital city of UTTAR PRADESH. Bharat started his education from St.Francis school Lucknow for primary studies, later He joined Delhi Public School Gurgaon and finally completed his schooling from one of the INDIA’S most prestigious school St.Lawrence School Sanawar, bharat was honored to visit Oxford University for a short course and lately completed his BBA from Lancaster University.

Bharat katyayan was born in a family which had emotional and personal bonding as the base. Bharat was never asked to focus on studies but on character. In the early days of his life he lived a life of a child whose father was a yogi who spent his most of the time in dhyan and sidhi with limited sources of income, but even when sources were limited thoughts were limit less, Bharat showed interest in social work and youth awareness since he did not knew how to spell these words. Bharat’s first move towards a better tomorrow was taken up in the year 2000 when bharat asked his friend why He did not poke for the daily prayer on the mic, Bharat walked to his Sisters and straight away asked them to help all the children of the locality to be confident and fearless as they had to stand for themselves. Somya and suramya took the initiative and asked their parents for the proper way, Now the time came when Bharat katyayan become President of his first social work organization named as Little Stars Society which was affiliated to PRITHVI SEWA SANSTHAN. Dr. smita misra was always engaged in social work by educating children of the slums and gave vocational trainings to ladies. Bharat joined his mother to fulfill his dream of social work, but it is said that one of the biggest addiction in the world is the addiction of doing good which was now in the vains of bharat katyayan.

Bharat katyayan was constantly involved in social work since 2000 and with every year he was enhancing on his abilities. Bharat went to each village with his guardians and felt that it was really important to bring some change, so he introduced Reform India 1 in 2009. With a panel of 21 people bharat started his work of reforming india from his levels, he went to different villages of UTTAR PRADESH and HARYANA and took several camps of awareness, self motivation, Child labor, women empowerment and every that spear which was in his knowledge. Bharat gradually become a prominent figure of Gurgoan As a social worker.

16th December 2012 was the date which moved bharat from inside when he came to know about the Nirbhaya case. Bharat came on the roads with his 17000 youth friends from each college of delhi and nearby cities. Every News channel covered all the protests and candle marches which were organized by bharat katyayan. But with the careless attitude and painful response of the present Political parties he took a decision of forming his own political party which will not get involved in these media conversations rather it will work out for the possible solutions.